Guylaine, is in the spotlight for our Right at Home Caregiver Focus.

Guylaine,  has been one of the best and most reliable members of the Right at Home Georgian Triangle team.and we have kept her very busy. She is always ready willing and able to rollup up her sleaves whenever there is a client in need. She has an incredible way of treating our clients as if they are her familiy.  She lives by the adage of Right at Home, "We are familiy when the family can't be there."  

Dear Adrienne and Staff, Last night Stan said "today was the happiest day of my life." I doubt that it equalled skiing or sailing but it was a tribute to Guylaine.  Yesterday started with Stan being very sad and ended so well.  My gratitutude to her  is beyond words.  Sincerely,  A. C. Collingwood


Guylaine is a caregiver that  anyone would want for their loved ones, thank you for all of your great work  and congratulations Guylaine!

Hi Adrienne, Just to let you know my mom is in hospice.  Thank you for everything you have done to help me keep my mom in her home.  Your caretakers were wonderful!  Thanks Judy

Judy, Collingwood