• Dear Adrienne and Staff, Last night Stan said "today was the happiest day of my life." I doubt that it equalled skiing or sailing but it was a tribute to Guylaine.  Yesterday started with Stan being very sad and ended so well.  My gratitutude to her  is beyond words.  Sincerely,  A. C. Collingwood

    A.C. Collingwood
  • We want to tell you how grateful we are for the time care and commitment you , your office staff, Lisa, Sylvia,  and Michelle gave to our mom.  It means so much.  With gratitude, love and hugs, Sharon, Stan and the rest of our family.  

    S Collingwood, Ontario
  • It has been quite a struggle lately, and I am so very fortunate to have Lynn by my and my Mom’s side. I really think I would be going completely mad without her and your help. Lynn is an angel and we truly appreciate all she does for us. And I thank you for that.

    Karen D. Town of Blue Mountains

    Karen D.
  • Dear Adrienne, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic nurses from Right at Home.  I know Joe would not be where he is today without their care.  

    Fondly, Lorean, Town of Blue Mountains

    Lorean, Town of Blue Mountain
  • Thank you - we were so happy with your help.  I referred my friend Heather to you.  My father is very comfortable at Hospice.  It's a wonderful place.

    Thanks S.

    S Collingwood
  • Thank you both so much for coming to my late husbands celebration of life on the 15th; cand thank you so much for the incredible care you gave both of us during this difficult time.

    I so apprecitate your thoughtful donation to the Humane Society in his memory.  I can't believe he is gone but the letters and the donations keep pouring in.  I am so grateful for friends like you at this sad time, keep in touch, S , Collingwood

    S, Collingwood, Ontario
  • Felt like she hit the lottery when she first found us, but even more so now she doesn't know what she would do without us.  Lynn has been so fantastic they don't know what they would do without her, can't even express how great she is.

    daughter of client GF Collingwood

  • Thanks so much for the excellent care Mom received from your caregivers & for your flexibility & quick responses! The caregivers were also great company for Mom as she went through a rather 'scary' experience following her surgery due to her dementia.

    Anna, Thornbury
  • Thank you so much. I can't tell you enough, the difference you, and your caregivers have made to our lives over the past couple of weeks.

    Monica, Collingwood
  • Hi my dear All,
    I really enjoy working for this amazing company and all the girls in the office 
    are so great and plus very professional and it does not feel like work at all to me.
    I truly feel as if it is my own company and wish nothing but the best of every thing for all of you my friend.
    It feels like a family feeling all around us.
    Feeling truly blessed.
    Loved working for Sandy she is a beautiful Soul herself.
    Many Thanks

    Shivraj, Caregiver, Right at Home Georgian Triangle
  • To all the ladies that have cared for my Mom these past 2 weeks. I cannot express enough my heart felt thanks to each and everyone of you. All of you have gone above and beyond to help make this situation more comfortable not only for my Mom but for me. A warm hug to all of you, you are all amazing ladies and experts at what you do. Continue to be the best that you can be because you bring out the best in those you are caring for.

    Thank you again, 

    Sandy, Collingwood
  • Hi Adrienne, I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing agency!

    It is a complete joy to recommend you becuase you are the best.  We have never heard anything but positive comments about your staff.  I don't know how you are able to find them; they are all wonderful.  You are number one for staff and the residents love you!

    Thank you, thank you  from the bottom of my heart, you make my job easy and I am confident when I refer families to you, that you will get the job done and take care of the people who are in need.  

    SC Collingwood
  • We are exceptionally pleased with the service you are providing for my Mom. You have really helped her immensely and us as well. Thanks very much for the care and attention you are providing. 

    Karen D Thornbury, Ontario
  • Hi Adrienne, Just to let you know my mom is in hospice.  Thank you for everything you have done to help me keep my mom in her home.  Your caretakers were wonderful!  Thanks Judy

    Judy, Collingwood
  • Dear Adrienne, thank you for the wonderful service you have provieded during the last four months.  Jennifer has been a great companion and a good friend.  You did a great job in matching us up together!

    LS Town of Blue Mountains
  • I am so glad that I found Right At Home. Communication is simple by phone or email. Staff are always ready to offer suggestions. The girls are kind, considerate and genuinely interested in Dad's care, exercise and well being.

    GM daughter, Midland
  • Silvia and Elaine have been an incredible help to our family - we are unbelievably grateful to both of them.  They are amazing women.

    Thank you for your support throughout all this and for sending us two  of the most perfect caregivers that we could have ever hoped for.

    KW Town of Blue Mountains
  • Right at Home Georgian Triangle, We cannot thank you enough!!!

    On behalf of Stone Tree and Legacy Ridge Golf Courses, we want to extend our thanks and sincer appreciation for your suport of our 2nd Annual Golf Classic in supprot of the Canadian Wounded Warriors Program.  

    Over 40,000 Candian Armed Forces personal were deployed to Afghanistan within a 12 year period of turmoil.  Unfortunatly, 158 solderiers died in combat while thousands more continue to struggle and suffer with long - term injuries, of which many continue to be challenged by post - traumatic stress disorder.  Furhter, countless family members and friends have and continue to be affected by the struggles these armd forces personnel face on a daily basis.  

    Your committment to this event contributed greatly in the overall success of the day as well as the ability to contirbute financially.  As a result of your generous support, as well as the support of other sponsors and participants, the event achieved a financila assistance level of $13,725 for Wounded Warriors Canada Programs.

    MB Tournmament Chairman, Owen Sound Ontario

    MB Owen Sound
  • Hi Adrienne, sorry for the delay in response I've had a crazy day. Things are going as well as can be expected. As you know we did fill out paperwork for crisis admission into long term care for Mom.

    In the meantime CCAC has increased their hours. Pam is doing an incredible job overnight, and is well liked by both of my parents. They feel very safe in her care. I also feel relaxed knowing that she is there.

    Linda N Wasaga Beach
  • A note to thank you and your team for the great care you took looking after my mother in her last months.  

    I really appreciated your hands on attention to Mom's needs and the care given by your caregivers.  

    Especially appreciated was your being with her in her last days to keep her company while we could not be there.  

    It will be my pleasure to recommend Right at Home to any persons needing superior home care and assistance.

    Best Regards,  

    John, Town of Blue Mountains, Ontario

    John H.
  • I'm feeling so relieved that they are getting the support they need right now-Sylvia is Godsend!!!!

    Annie, wanted you to hear the news too.

    xoxox Thanks to all of you for your help - blessings. 

    K. Collingwood
  • Thank goodness I found you to take care of my mom; finally I can breath a sigh of relief! 

    A.N. Collingwood
  • "Thank you!  You're doing a fantastic job and we couldn't manage without you!" DM

    DM Right at Home Client
  • Other agencies cannot compare to Right at Home Canada's service. When I use Right at Home to place a caregiver into someone's home, I know they not only come to do their job, they also build relationships. Their intake process is in-depth in order to help place staff that will fit the patients' needs. I think this is the cornerstone of so many happy patients. They have a genuine interest and passion for the elderly.

    Kim M., RN, Clinical Case Manager
  • "Thank you so much for your help during this difficult time with my mom.  Dayna (personal support worker, Right at Home Canada, Georgian Triangle) was treasure, she treated my mom with compassion and respect and was a huge help when we moved her..." PN, Meaford, Ontario

    PN, Meaford, Ontario
  • My caregiver does a beautiful job for me. I have never had it so good! She is wonderful, and quite worth it. She is simply one of a kind.

    Dorothy J.
  • We are very happy with Right at Home's services. All is going great, as our caregiver is very pleasant and always works fast and thorough. Our caregiver is simply amazing and always works with a smile. Right at Home's flexibility of schedule pleases us greatly and we are really pleased with their services.

    Sid & Marge B.
  • Right at Home's service couldn't be any better. They know what is needed and do it efficiently. Their performance is excellent, and that covers everything they do. The Right at Home care giving team does not just sit around - they look for things to do, and are very smart. The caregivers are great companions, and I would gladly recommend Right at Home to a friend.

    Larry L.
  • Your Right at Home caregiver was wonderful. She was so helpful - and after working with many agencies - was the best caregiver from any agency that we had in the past year!

    Sandy B.
  • My family and I were really pleased with Right at Home's efforts. They provided first class service, and provided a caregiver who really knew what she was doing. It is not necessarily easy to transport a person who is not feeling well, and Right at Home did a great job in providing this service. Our experience with Right at Home was just perfect.

    Jim H.
  • From the start, Right at Home were welcoming, helpful, and immediately responsive to my Father's care. We instantly responded to their friendly and service-oriented approach and felt that we could work with them. They also seem to hold the bar pretty high for the caregivers working with them, and their high standards and extensive selection process reassured and impressed us.

    Debra M.
  • Right at Home goes the extra step with their clients to provide quality caregivers, which is rare in the environment today. They provide a personal, hands-on relationship with each and every person they care for - starting from the first day working with the client - when they personally visit their home.

    Dan B.
  • My first client was 89-years-old, and I ended up staying with her 24/7 until she passed away at the age of 92. I used to read the Bible to her, and we sang songs together because she used to be a choir director at her church. She wanted me to sing her favorite song – 'The Old Rugged Cross' – at her funeral. I did. I was with her when she took her last breath. It was such a sacred moment. I’ll never forget it. It just cemented this whole career for me and made me realize this was what I wanted to do.

    Karen Stevens, 2009 RightCare Winner
  • I feel better about myself knowing that the care that I give may help someone live a happier life. My greatest reward is in knowing that my presence makes a difference.

    Mikole K.
  • It is an honour every day to serve others in their homes and provide them with the type of care that they deserve. Receiving the RightCare Award was another honour. It wouldn't have been possible if not for my clients. I always think of them first. I do my job because I love to do it and not because I expect to receive any gifts or an award. To me the award is just as special as receiving a smiley face from a client, showing their appreciation.

    Patricia, 2008 RightCare Award Runner-Up
  • I was immediately impressed by the warm and friendly atmosphere of the office and by the owner, who was very up-front and real. I felt very at home with her and very at ease. [The caregivers] are not just employees. We are family and a team. We look out for one another, and we look out for the owner as well. She is supportive of our situations and is always there to encourage us to grow in our experience and knowledge.

    Angela D.
  • The caregivers that Right at Home employs do not see this as a job, but as a wonderful opportunity to improve or enhance the quality of life for the people they care for. This distinguishes them from other agencies.

    Barbara G., Director of Marketing & Development at Assisted Living Facility
  • ".....you guys have been a God send, thank you!"

    Scott M. Wasaga Beach

    Scott M. Wasaga Beach

I'm feeling so relieved that they are getting the support they need right now-Sylvia is Godsend!!!!

Annie, wanted you to hear the news too.

xoxox Thanks to all of you for your help - blessings. 

K. Collingwood