Managing High Blood Pressure With In-Home Care

Following the doctor's instructions helps keep blood pressure at a healthy level.

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When a Senior Loved One Has a Gambling Problem

Seniors enjoy bingo, racetrack betting—and especially, casino gambling.

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In-Home Care Supports Good Nutrition for People With Alzheimer's

In-home caregivers help clients with dementia continue to eat a healthy diet.

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Favourite Inventions of Your Generation

We don't want to miss our soaps!

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When the Caregiving Dynamic is Complicated

Today, Americans are living longer than ever—yet they're not necessarily in good health during those "bonus years."

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Was "Drink Less Alcohol" on Your List of New Year's Resolutions?

Growing older changes the way alcohol affects us.

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5 Things we Learned from Reagan's Alzheimer's and Thatcher's Dementia

Neither U.S. President Ronald Reagan nor British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had the power to overcome dementia

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Science Organization with 300 Nobel Laureates Confirms: Caregivers Need Help

Soon many more seniors will need help, but there will be fewer family caregivers to provide it.

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Hosting the Holidays When Your Loved One has Alzheimer's Disease

Holiday festivities change when these beloved elders are touched by Alzheimer's disease or other memory loss.

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Socialization –– How It Benefits Caregivers and Care Receivers

Mom recognized that she was in desperate need of friendship and stimulating conversation.

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