Fresh Food Delivery Services


Our lifestyles and appetite can change as we age. A decreasing appetite or reduced ability to buy and prepare healthy foods can mean you are not getting enough essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. This can contribute to a feeling of being unwell or aggravate some chronic illnesses.

Every meal and snack is an opportunity for maximum nutrition by choosing healthy foods in order to maintain our good health. With this in mind, Right at Home has partnered with Market Fresh to bring fresh  and wholesome meals to your door. Market Fresh is our local, fresh and wholesome Gourmet Market and like us, they are passionate about food and our Community.

To find out what meal options are available today please call the office after 11:00am (519-265-7887) 

Sample menu (Choose a main and two sides)

Mains: Meat Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Butter Chicken Thighs, Pork Loin Chops, Pork Side Ribs, Lamb Chops, Salmon Filet, Beef Stew 

Vegetables: Grilled Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts, Root Vegetables, Green Beans

Other Sides: Rice Pilaf, Quinoa Pilaf, Cajun Dusted Potatoes, Smashed Potatoes 

Extras: Bowl of soup

Order Information 

  • Delivery is done at Dinner (4:30pm-5:30pm)
  • Orders will be taken between 11:00am-3:00pm 
  • Order by phone (519-265-7887) or by emailing

*Delivery included in price for all Guelph Residents 

“I was so very pleased with everything. The (care) I received couldn’t have been any better. I was just so happy with your services and your Staff. I will certainly contact you again in the future.” 

Kathy F, Guelph