Post Hospital Support

At Right at Home, we understand that undergoing any type of surgery can be a stressful time for yourself and your family. Whether you are booked for major surgery (e.g. hip/knee replacement, heart surgery) or same-day surgery (e.g. hernia repairs, colonoscopy, cataract removal), we are here to help.

 From  one hour  to  24/7 full time care, our client-centered support is based on your needs and schedule. 

 All of our services are flexible in order to adjust as your mobility, ability to function and independence improves.

 At Right at Home, we will provide anything you need to stay safely, comfortably and  independently at home.  

 We offer peace of mind.

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I feel better about myself knowing that the care that I give may help someone live a happier life. My greatest reward is in knowing that my presence makes a difference.

Mikole K.