RightCall-Personal Daily Call Check-In Service

At Right at Home, we know that the safety of your family members and/or loved ones is important to you. You cannot always be with them, so we have designed a service to provide peace of mind. The RightCall program is a daily reassurance calling service and/or medication reminder service.

 The RightCall program consists of personal phone call check-ins every day which not only provides some daily social contact, but gathers information about your loved one’s welfare. 

The Medication Reminder Calls can be placed from 2 times/day up to 4 times/day by our exceptionally skilled and caring staff. 

 Our Right at Home Organization provides both exceptional medical and non-medical in-home support to older adults and those with disabilities. 

 We are family, when family cannot be there.

*Note: The RightCall is not a referral service or medical alert system, nor is it a substitute for professional advice or the care that patients receive from their physicians and allied health professionals.

Please call the office for monthly pricing on the various services with RightCall

I feel better about myself knowing that the care that I give may help someone live a happier life. My greatest reward is in knowing that my presence makes a difference.

Mikole K.