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kissing coupleDo you have a loved one living with dementia or showing symptoms of cognitive decline?

Dementia and cognitive decline are often unpredictable. Some days, he can recall stories from childhood and laugh with exuberance about his experiences. Other days, she seems to fade into withdrawal and silence, and seems confused about her surroundings. You worry. You miss how things used to be. Will he wander? Can she be left alone? How can we slow these changes?

Right at Home Can Help

People with dementia and cognitive change require specialized care over time. Right at Home’s approach to dementia and cognitive support is grounded in the idea that ALL of our clients, regardless of the severity or progression of their cognitive change, have abilities to interact and connect with their surroundings. This program aims to:



We help clients maintain their sense of self through supporting them in setting and reaching goals.

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We deliver abilities-driven, person-centered care, and actively engage clients to participate in their own care.

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We promote lifestyle factors known to minimize cognitive decline.

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We provide families with the knowledge needed to empower, engage, and encourage their loved one.

Together, with families and this approach, we can truly improve the quality of life for those we serve.

You must have lots of questions! Your Care Planner is here to guide you through all your support options. Call us right now at: (905) 793-2100 or fill out the contact form and your Care Planner will call you back at a time that works best for you.
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Teaming With World Renowned Experts

Jackie - Published Expert and an Occupational Therapist

Because your loved one deserves the best in-home care, we devoted two years building and collaborating with leading dementia expert and occupational therapist Jackie Pool, who was mentored by Tom Kitwood, a global pioneer of person-centered dementia care. Jackie is a global authority in improving the lives of those living with dementia. Jackie’s more than 30 years of dementia research and direct patient care experience add seasoned depth to our cognitive assistance program.

Cognitive Care That Connects Families

Right at Home’s approach to dementia and cognitive support is anchored in our mission: to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We serve your loved ones, but we also serve each of you; the families of our clients.

While Right at Home provides specialized dementia and cognitive support, families fulfill a critical role in Right at Home’s RightCare approach. To support loved ones living with dementia and cognitive change to live at home, independently, for as long as possible, the role of the family is to:



Families relate to their loved one in a way that empowers the client’s abilities.



Families connect with their loved one using person-centered care and communication techniques.

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Families encourage their loved one to participate in activities that support lifestyle goals.

To support the role of the family, Right at Home educates families in their loved ones’ current ability level, while providing support techniques and tips on how to best to interact with and care for their loved one.

Did you know?

More than six million people in the U.S. and Canada are living with Alzheimer's or dementia. About one in ten people over the age of 65 have Alzheimer's and the disease affects more than 50 percent of people over the age of 85. For a great resource on coping with Alzheimer's or dementia in your family, visit the caregiving section of the Alzheimer's Society.

With support, many Alzheimer's patients can be cared for at home and don't require nursing homes or other facilities. In fact, more than half of all diagnosed Alzheimer's patients continue to live in home settings. Right at Home's services offer those who suffer from Alzheimer's:

  • Alzheimer-trained Care Workers
  • Familiar frame of reference
  • Freedom to move about in a familiar, unrestricted space
  • Minimal stress, which can aggravate the symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Daily orientation to time, place and people
  • Continuity of daily routines and schedules
  • Consistent Care Workers and schedules
  • Meaningful, stimulating activities

Why Right at Home?

  • Over 20 years of experience. Right at Home has been providing award winning customized senior care and home care for over 20 years.
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  • YOUR Caregivers are all part of YOUR Care Team. This means that there is no revolving door of Personal Support Workers and Nurses. With the help of your Care Planner, you choose and get to know them. This leads to an level of care for your loved one that is unsurpassed in our industry.
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  • Professional Caregivers. Right at Home's dedication to the highest level of service is the basis for everything we do including how we hire and train our Caregivers.
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  • Working with government support. Your Care Planner will work to help you find the government supports you are eligible for (if you would like them) and then work to find a solution for the care needs that go above what government and family can do. We will also work around the government care plan so that we are enhancing it.

We help in home, wherever home is to you.

Our Caregivers are always out in the community visiting homes, Retirement Residences, Long Term Care (LTC), hospices and hospitals. Our team will help out wherever you need us. If you are looking for help in other areas of Ontario or Canada please reach out and we will put you in touch with one of our other Care Offices.

If you have any more questions or would like to discuss how we can help in your unique situation, call us at: (905) 793-2100 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you. I look forward to helping!
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