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A Custom Care Plan and your own Care Team

The Right at Home difference is found in our process. In very little time, we're able to assess and understand your loved one's unique situation and recommend a custom plan for their particular needs. This gets them the care they need as soon as they need it.

The Initial Call and Meeting

From the moment you call your local Right at Home office, we begin considering you and your loved one's specific needs. You will be assigned your own Care Planner who is your point of contact for the duration of care. On the initial call, the Care Planner will ask questions to form a basic needs assessment.

Your Care Planner will then set up an in-home visit with you and the rest of your family – including the family member who may ultimately benefit from our in-home care. This visit can take place in the hospital, a respite facility, retirement residence, LTC etc. Whenever home is to your loved one at this moment. In some cases the meeting takes place along with the discharge team at the hospital creating a seamless transition to Right at Home's support.

This meeting allows us to gather even more information, answer questions and let you understand how Right at Home can help. We then use this information to build the custom Care Plan.

The Custom Care Plan

With Right at Home you will always know what services are being provided to your loved one. After our initial meeting, we develop a Custom Care Plan. This plan is tailored to your loved one's specific needs.

Some of the things we consider while building this plan:

  • If they are being discharged from the hospital, we will work to ensure that the hospital's Care Plan requirements are all built into ours.
  • Determining what skills and social considerations are needed to attend to the client and ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction.
  • Do we need Nurse involvement?
  • How many Caregivers are needed for uninterrupted support?
  • Is there cultural or language considerations?
  • Is the client eligible for government support? and if so, what support do they have? This will help us craft our Care Plan around filling the gap in government support.
  • What are the clients character traits and hobbies?
  • Socialization - Are there outings or tasks that the client loves to be a part of?
  • Setting goals and expectations with the client and their family

We make detailed recommendations on exactly what kind of services we feel would benefit them. We then arrange a follow-up meeting with you to go over the Custom Care Plan line by line and modify it as you see fit.

Once the Care Plan has been developed it is not a static document. It will continue to change based on the client's and family's needs.

Caregiver Matching

Once you approve the Custom Care Plan, we begin our search for the most appropriate Caregiver(s) to implement care and create a Care Team. Our system of matching Caregivers to clients takes all the factors from the Care Plan and uses them to to pair the client with the right Caregiver(s). We also work with the Caregivers to make sure they are with the right client for them. This creates a highly successful and engaging relationship between the client and Caregivers.

By looking at the whole situation, we're better able to provide your loved one with the best caregiver(s) possible. Of course, if there are ever any concerns about a specific caregiver, we will revisit the Caregiver matching process and find a better fit.

You can read more about our Professional Caregivers and what makes them so unique in our industry by reading about our caregivers.

Care Supervision

Our caregivers keep extensive notes about the care they provide. Those notes are kept at your loved one's home and are available at any time. Our billing system also provides a detailed description of services and care, so you never receive an invoice that doesn't include a line-item cost of care. Our Care Planners make regular unannounced visits to the homes to ensure caregivers are following the specifics of the Custom Care Plan.

If you have any more questions or would like to discuss how we can help in your unique situation, call us at: (905) 634-7750 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you. I look forward to helping!
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