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- RAH is frankly a godsend for our family! My parents are in their mid eighties, want to stay in their home and I live too far out of town to be able to help them regularly. Shazma and her team of care givers offer professional, reliable, compassionate companionship and care with duties ranging from exercise training and encouragement, driving to appointments and errands, grocery shopping, meal/cooking help, calendar management, and medication supervision. RAH has become like the family friend who I can call on for advice, problem solving, regular updates on Mum and Dad's condition (beyond what they will tell me!) and a shoulder to cry on when the stress and frustration of trying to care for parents becomes overwhelming. It's a huge relief to have found such a trustworthy and capable team of people who genuinely care about my parents and the situation our family faces as ageing takes a toll. They allow dignity and independence to continue for my parents, and I can sleep better at night knowing things are looked after as well (perhaps better!)  as I could do if I was closer.


I was suffering caregiver burnout and it was to the point where I was transferring my feelings of helplessness, worry, guilt and seething anger onto my mother who I had, in desperation, agreed to have placed in long term memory care.  Approaching my first vacation in a decade, I asked the facility for references for an agency to come in while I was gone. Any good facility will acknowledge that there is no way they can provide appropriate, individual care. Right at Home is only one of two agencies that meet facility standards.  How could I afford it? I called a family meeting and told them bluntly there would not be an inheritance and started cashing in my mother’s assets. The reward is, six months after hiring Right At Home, that my mother has rediscovered quality of life, built unique relationships with each member of her team, is painting and sculpting again and has not succumbed to the hidey-hole of dementia, even though she is surrounded by weirdness in the hallways. I have a life back, knowing she feels safe and secure and stimulated every day one of her angels is with her which is every day for most of the day. I am now eager to visit and am able to be a caring daughter four evenings a week. The monetary output is the best investment I ever made for my mother and for myself. The team is professional, caring, and responsive.

At times I wish I had known enough to bring in Right At Home while my mother was still living independently, but I was stubbornly focussed on publicly-funded home care, not selling the condo and emulating super woman.  You cannot change yesterday and my mother is the first to tell me that the past is not important, nor is tomorrow. We live for the gift of today and find joy in the moment. I am grateful to the individuals who are Right At Home. We are now planning my mother’s 94th birthday party as she has determined that she is glad to be alive. It is wonderful to have shed the immobilizing stress and be a loving, happy daughter again. I highly recommend calling Right at Home today who, thank heavens, also text, email, send pictures and facilitate telephone calls so I can be part of my mother’s life even when I cannot be around.  


My wife has Alzheimer's and I did considerable research of different firms who could provide me with homecare support for my wife. Some firms could not guarantee continued care from one individual, and some had layers of people to make contact, and others were located out of Calgary. After my review, I chose Right at Home as your firm was smaller, with easier ability to make appropriate contacts, and I found your Care Planner,  Ms. Nathwani,  most knowledgeble regarding our needs. You have provided me with a wonderful caregiver and my research has proven correct as you have always listened to my changing needs, and provided excellent cover when our caregiver has been ill or on vacation. I am very pleased with service provided by Right at Home, and would be pleased to act as a reference for your firm at any time.

Sincerely, R. Carl S. 

R. Carl S.

When my family reached out to Right At Home just before the Christmas holidays, our need was great for supplemental night care of our elder Mother who was in an assisted care home, but suffering from dementia. RAH stepped up to the challenge by assigning an excellent care planner who ensured we had qualified night care from 10pm-6am, compatible with my Mother’s dementia needs.  It was a weight off my shoulders to know that there was a competent care team assigned to my Mother – even now it brings tears to my eyes to think of the relief it brought me personally.

 The RAH staff involved acted with great professionalism, extreme kindness and provided much needed companionship – all three elements which were exactly what we needed for my Mom.  We continued with that level of night care, every night for seven months.  Most certainly RAH ensured my Mother could remain in her assisted living home, longer than would have been possible if they were not involved.”

Jaye S.

It has been one year since we started using the Right at Home service for an evening companion for our Mom.

Our first meeting with Shazma Nathwani, Care Planner was very warm and she conveyed a sense of care for her job. She has always provided me with up to date information and keeps me apprised of any problems.

 She initially placed one companion with Mom and they have developed a deep friendship . We have since added two companions to the roster to ensure coverage if one is unable to visit with Mom, and they have all become friends to Mom.

 The companions keep us alerted to anything that may be amiss with Mom and/or the manor where she lives. As she is physically limited and legally blind, for us they are her eyes and ears. In one instance, this led to a lengthy meeting with the staff at the manor regarding care issues the companion had witnessed.

 Right at Home came to our attention through a friend's referral, and I would certainly pass the referral along without hesitation..

Sharon R.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help in this last year.  It was so nice to be able to leave my sister in your very capable hands.  Your caregivers have been remarkable. Thank you so much.  

If and when I get to that stage I will not hesitate to call on you.  

Maureen M.

In response to our post motor vehicle accident care: 

"Thanks again for the great service, it was much appreciated on everyone’s professionalism and support during some difficult times for our family. "

Darlene M.

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