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Imagine what life may be like if you couldn't bathe, feed or dress yourself because of an illness? What if returning home following an amputation or stroke seemed too overwhelming? Is there life after a major injury?

Occupational therapists (OT’s) help people get back to important everyday activities. OT’s ask clients what activities are important to them in their particular situation, identify why those activities are difficult and work together to find a solution. Solutions generally involve some combination of skill development, improving physical and emotional ability, adapting the environment or changing the way occupations are performed.

OT's have many "tools" in their tool box. For example, depending on ones' needs, an occupational therapist may help someone by demonstrating ways to improve strength, endurance, quality of movement and self-confidence needed for an activity. Develop skills to cope with anxiety, stress, decreased energy and/or the normal aging process. Evaluate, modify/adapt the environment of occupations to make things easier. For example if a client has difficulty getting on/off the toilet or getting in/out of the bed an OT might recommend a raised toilet seat or a bed rail. An OT may help develop skills to address problems with memory, attention, organization, perception or other thinking processes. 

OT’s help with injury prevention, promoting health and wellness and promoting a balanced, healthy, and independent lifestyle. We are pleased to offer Occupational Therapy consulting services; an OT consult can be arranged by calling 403-869-8294

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