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I am a Right at Home Care Planner.  I am so glad you found us. 



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 I understand that this may be a challenging time for you. You may be faced with some very difficult decisions about care and support, and not sure where to turn. You may be facing a surgery and unsure how you are going to manage as you recover.  You may be thinking you need a bit of assistance with certain things, but are not quite certain what options are available. You may have government-funded care in place, but feel you need more. You may be caring for a loved one, and need a break. You may be looking at all options, including moving to somewhere where more support is available. Or, you may simply be planning in advance, just in case things change. If so...good for you!

 Whatever your personal circumstance, I am so glad you found us. With the right guidance, care and support, things will be easier, more manageable and provide the peace of mind you deserve. That is why Right at Home is here. And as a Right at Home Care Planner, providing the right guidance and supportive care services is what we do for you. 


Please contact your local Care Planner   


  • Brampton 905-793-2100
  • Burlington-Oakville 905-331-4663
  • Calgary 403-869-8294
  • Cambridge  519-265-7887
  • Etobicoke North/Richview 905-220-9322
  • Georgian Triangle 705-293-5500
  • Guelph-Wellington County  519-265-7887
  • Hamilton 905-628-1200
  • Kitchener-Waterloo  519-265-7887
  • London  226-212-0001
  • Mississauga 905-331-4663
  • Niagara 855-983-4663
  • St. Catharines 855-983-4663
  • West Toronto/Etobicoke South 647-204-5172
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