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Family Caregiving: Beginning the Conversation

Concern about your loved one’s daily safety and comfort may be overwhelming at times. The subject can be difficult to broach, and you may not feel comfortable initiating a conversation about it. If you feel this way, you are not alone. This is why we created the RightConversations Guide.

Starting the home care conversation is not easy.

RightConversations is a practical guide for families, offering realistic tips and ideas for effective communication about family caregiving that will help your family work together to create a solution that keeps your loved one safe.

Whether it's family scheduling time to help your loved one, a home care or nursing care solution, downsizing, home modifications, moving to a retirement residence or seeking out assisted living or Long Term Care (LTC), the first step is the conversation. The suggestions in the guide will help steer your family through this discussion while reducing the stress that accompanies family caregiving. It will also help ensuring that everything is in place in case of an emergency.

The supplement documents with this guide will help you with organizing family schedules, your loved ones health information, insurances, DNR, financial information, wills etc. This will help build a strong foundation to reduce caregiver distress while helping loved ones remain in the comfort of their homes.

The Guide:

The RightConversations Guide

The RightConversations Guide offers families 10 tips for effective communication with seniors when having a difficult conversation about the need for assistance with the activities of daily living. This guide will help you plan for the conversation and plan for what happens after the conversation. It’s important to set your goals so that all pertinent topics are covered.

Download RightConversations Information Journal

Supplement 1:

The RightConversations
Communication Planner

The RightConversations Communication Planner assists families with gathering important information about the conversation before and after. This will help with setting goals and defining needs you feel should be addressed in the conversation.

Download RightConversations Guide

Supplement 2:

The RightConversations
Family Action Planner

The RightConversations Family Action Planner documents the actions each family member will take to better support their loved one and includes an area for contact information of those who may assist in the care of the senior. This will also give a better picture on what or if outside services are required. This could be a simple as “who will cut the lawn?” to situation like meal preparation, companionship, transportation and dementia support. It's important that each task is assigned so that your loved one can remain safe in their home, wherever home is to them and so everyone is clear what is expected of them.

Download RightConversations Family Action Planner

Supplement 3:

The RightConversations
Information Journal

The RightConversations Information Journal assists with gathering pertinent information in the preparation of care for an elderly loved one along with preparing for the unexpected. This document includes a checklist of key items such as: Insurance information, location of will, medical wishes. It also includes a financial snapshot to help with future planning of care.

Download RightConversations Information Journal

Next steps after the conversation

The Right Conversation's guide is only the beginning of discussions around home care, senior care, nursing care, family care, and other supports. It will lead to many more questions and decisons that have to be made. Have a look at the rest of our resource section for more information to help you and your family on this journey. We have a guide to help you make the right decisions when looking to choose the right home care organization. Our guide on hiring a Caregiver directly is helpful for those who would like to take a more hands on approach to support. We also have a great guide to get you thinking about different solutions for all the financial implications that go along with care.

If you are looking for a list of other organizations in Oakville that can help, please visit our Community Resources page.

At Right at Hour our Care Planners are an incredible resource on everything from care needs to different community supports in Oakville. If you have any more questions or would like to discuss how we can help in your unique situation, call us at: (289) 351-2220 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you. I look forward to helping!

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