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RightConversations Guide

What is RightConversations?

RightConversations is a practical approach for effective communication between you and your loved ones. The tools included in our guides offer the opportunity to build a strong foundation to reduce caregiver distress while helping loved ones remain in the comfort of their homes.

  • The RightConversations Guide offers families 10 tips for effective communication with elders when having a difficult conversation about the need for assistance with the activities of daily living.
  • The RightConversations Communication Planner assists families with gathering important documentation before and after the initial conversation with their senior loved ones.
  • The RightConversations Family Action Planner documents the actions each family member will take to better support their loved one and includes an area for contact information of those who may assist in the care of the senior.
  • The RightConversations Information Journal assists with gathering pertinent information in the preparation of care for an elderly loved one.

The videos below illustrate the RightConversations series.

Sibling Confusion

This video discusses the questions siblings may have about the best way to design a care strategy for an aging parent. RightConversations can take the guesswork out of the planning process.



Having the Conversation Between Adult Children and an Aging Parent

This video describes when adult children may notice their elderly loved one may be needing assistance. The video discusses the fears an aging parent may have about losing his/her independence, and how family caregivers sometimes can have challenging conversations with their aging relative, and yet grow the relationship with love and compassion



How Can Family Caregivers Plan for the Conversation?

This video discusses how the need to have the conversation can come about gradually or all at once because of the effects of aging. This video illustrates the three supporting pieces – Communication Planner, Family Action Planner and Information Journal.



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