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When someone you love is hospitalized, it can be hard to think about anything but their immediate medical care. But family caregivers should not lose sight of responsibilities and decisions surrounding the eventual hospital discharge process.

How is the patient going to get home from the hospital? What sort of care will they require? Who is going to provide that care? When you get the call that Mom or Dad is being discharged, you will have to answer these questions and more.

Right at Home developed the RightTransitions program to help families through the hospital discharge process in Canada. With plans tailored to fit each family’s unique situation, RightTransitions ensures your loved one receives the in-home care they need after hospital discharge.

Care Required After Hospital Discharge

Some people are fortunate to return to their ordinary lives not long after leaving the hospital; others require weeks, months or even years of support following hospital discharge.

Depending on the circumstances, the care and assistance required after discharge from the hospital may include:

  • Transportation from hospital to home
  • Managing medication, including getting updated prescriptions
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Catering to new dietary needs (soft or liquid foods, restrictions on certain foods, etc.)
  • Assisting with personal care and hygiene
  • Transportation to and from follow-up appointments
  • Setting up modified living (such as single-floor living)
  • Investing in medical equipment (wheelchair, hospital bed, shower chair, etc.)
  • Purchasing supplies (continence care products, skincare products)
  • Modifications to the home (grab bars, wheelchair ramps)
  • Connecting patients with other community resources

Care During and After Hospital Discharge

The day your loved one leaves the hospital is an exciting milestone in their treatment. However, making a smooth transition from hospital to home takes a great deal of planning and coordination. The hospital discharge process can have a big impact on the patient’s health and wellbeing.

RightTransitions is designed to help families make an easy transition that supports their loved one’s recovery. Our Professional Caregivers, Case Managers and Registered Nurses can assist with hospital discharge planning and in-home care after hospital discharge.

While each family’s case is unique, our hospital discharge services may include:

  • Pre-discharge hospital consultation with your Care Planner, doctors, and others on your loved one’s care team
  • Safe transportation home from the hospital
  • Help setting up new equipment and supplies at home
  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping that fits your loved one’s dietary needs
  • Medication pick-up
  • Personal care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Facilitating communication between the hospital, specialists, pharmacy, family doctor, and family members
  • Ongoing support and care

When to Begin Planning for Hospital Discharge

What happens after someone leaves the hospital can be just as important as the care they receive there. Once your loved one is hospitalized, it is never too soon to begin planning for hospital discharge. The more time you have to prepare, the less pressure you will face when it comes to making critical decisions about your loved one’s care after hospital discharge.

You can contact Right at Home for help at any point in the process, whether your loved one has just been hospitalized or is nearing the end of their stay. The RightTransitions plan can evolve as their needs change.

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