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Resources for Families

Whether you have an ageing family member or are dealing with care needs resulting from an accident or surgery, extra support above what family can offer is often needed.

Family members are often called on to help with everyday things that their loved one now finds challenging – meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping. Many people find themselves assisting their loved ones in ways they never expected – like hygiene and grooming – or for diseases and disorders they could never have anticipated.

Caregiving for a loved one can take its toll on caregivers and it can change family dynamics. Many people also find themselves hundreds or thousands of miles away from a loved one who needs care, which can become highly stressful.

These guides are meant to be a starting point to help you through making care decisions.

When is it time to Start Looking for Extra Care?

Signs Your Loved one’s Needs Are Changing

It can often be hard to tell when ageing is affecting a family member. This guide will help you figure out the signs.
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Needs Assessment

As you notice changes in a loved one, there are a few things that you can do to help them and, ultimately, your family as a whole.
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Guides to help you make the right care choices

How to Choose a Home Care Organization

Choosing a provider is a difficult decisions. Here are some tips to think about during your search.
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Hiring a Caregiver Directly

Some things to think about if you choose to go this route.
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Solving the Financial Puzzle

Paying for extra care is never easy. This guide will help you with figuring out the financial side.
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If you have any more questions or would like to discuss how we can help in your unique situation, call us at: 1 (855) 983-4663 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you. I look forward to helping!

Additional Resources

Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers

More than just insured & bonded. What makes our Caregivers so great? Read about the Professional Support Worker program and how it’s redefining quality care.

How we work

How we work

Our custom built Care Plan is only part of our process that is designed to give you the best care possible. A free in-home assessment, Caregiver matching and more.

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