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Addressing Later-Life Sleep Problems

Some changes in our sleep patterns are perfectly normal as we grow older. Older adults tend to go to sleep earlier in the evening, and wake up earlier in the morning. Research shows that older adults may need a little less sleep than they did in younger years. This is good to know, because, ironically, worrying about our sleep can actually make it harder to sleep!

Top Questions About Geriatric Mental Health Answered

As families help older loved ones manage physical health conditions, they shouldn’t overlook mental health changes. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are quite common among the older population. Estimates are that one in four older adults will experience a mental disorder.

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Exercising the Ageing Brain

A regular cognitive workout can improve your concentration, comprehension and recall in everyday life such as remembering people’s names or driving across town. The more you challenge your brain, the more brain cells and nerve connection pathways you form. Instead of gray matter simply dying as you age, challenging your brain can activate new cell growth throughout your lifetime.

Steps men should take for their health

6 Steps Men Should Take For Their Health at Any Age

Up to 70% of men’s health problems are preventable through lifestyle changes. These are steps men of all ages can take today to take charge of their health and live longer, healthier lives.

Pandemic Pay: A letter to Our Caregivers

Doug Ford has decided that caregivers caring for clients who fund their own care are not deserving of "pandemic pay" ($4 hr on top of regular pay). Our Caregivers fill huge shortfalls in government-paid care, and are essential and worthy of this support. Ford won't, but we will. Right at Home is now giving all of our Caregivers pandemic pay on top of their regular wage.

Medical Caregiver at Right at Home Canada

The Benefits of Choosing Right at Home Caregivers

If you are looking into home care services for yourself or a loved one in need, you probably are comparing the differences between private care giving services or hiring a home care agency.

5 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress for Caregivers

The professional journey of a caregiver working for a private home care provider, or an agency, is a rewarding one, but not without its share of guilt, grievances, and stress.

6 Reasons Why You Should Tell Your Doctor About Memory Problems

It's tempting to make light of of memory lapses as normal "senior moments," but incidences of memory loss and confusion are often the first signs that lead doctors to recognize the early stages of dementia. 

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