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how-to-stay-active-and-thrive-after-retirement how-to-stay-active-and-thrive-after-retirement

How To Stay Active and Thrive After Retirement

July 08, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Retirement marks a significant transition from decades of routine-driven days to newfound freedom. Staying active is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health, continuing personal growth, and avoiding the pitfalls of isolation during the aging journey. Here is why and how retirees can live their best lives by staying engaged with life.
does-dementia-affect-housekeeping-or-cause-hoarding---article---international does-dementia-affect-housekeeping-or-cause-hoarding---article---international

Does Dementia Affect Housekeeping or Cause Hoarding

May 23, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
As lifestyles change, some older adults can find it hard to maintain a clean and orderly home due to various reasons, ranging from physical limitations to psychological challenges or cognitive conditions such as dementia. Here are some reasons why older adults might neglect cleaning and seven key ways to help.
home-safety-for-seniors-with-parkinsons-or-other-conditions home-safety-for-seniors-with-parkinsons-or-other-conditions

Home Safety for Seniors With Parkinson’s or Other Conditions

April 25, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or certain other conditions can change what was once a sanctuary into something challenging or even risky. Here are 10 tips to help keep your loved one safe at home. 
parkinsons-awareness-month parkinsons-awareness-month

Parkinson's Care Support with Right at Home

April 08, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
It is important to choose qualified care providers who have received proper training from reputable organizations about proper care for someone affected by Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson Canada developed CareFinder, a directory of qualified and vetted providers that can assist you in creating your Care Team.
osteoarthritisriskfactorsandcareforolderadultsmar122024 osteoarthritisriskfactorsandcareforolderadultsmar122024

Osteoarthritis: Risk Factors and Care for Older Adults

March 12, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Here are 8 tips that can help older adults manage arthritis effectively, allowing a more active and pain-free lifestyle.
homecareandpreventativehealthfeb52024 homecareandpreventativehealthfeb52024

Home Care and Preventative Health

February 05, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
February is a month-long initiative to celebrate Preventative Health Awareness. How does Home Care play its part in keeping you or your loved one healthy?
finding-the-right-balance---exercise-perscription-for-seniors---jan-2024 finding-the-right-balance---exercise-perscription-for-seniors---jan-2024

Finding the Right Balance: Exercise Prescription for Seniors

January 23, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Exercise is crucial for improving health and well-being, especially among older adults. However, designing an effective exercise program for the elderly requires careful consideration of various factors.
the-unseen-challenges-of-caregiving---article---international---jan-10 the-unseen-challenges-of-caregiving---article---international---jan-10

The Unseen Challenges of Caregiving

January 11, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Being a caregiver is a role that millions undertake out of love, dedication and necessity. But what is it really like? Understanding some of the less-discussed challenges caregivers face may inspire more people to appreciate their work.
how-adaptive-devices-can-help-you-age-in-place---nov20 how-adaptive-devices-can-help-you-age-in-place---nov20

How Adaptive Devices Can Help You Age in Place

November 20, 2023 Family & Loved Ones | Articles | Caregiving | Support for Adult Caregiving
Navigating daily life with mobility challenges can transform simple tasks into major hurdles. From high-tech innovations like robot assistants to simple, yet effective solutions like grip socks and kettle tippers, a wide range of tools are available to make life easier and safer.
self-care-for-the-sandwich-generation---article---international---nov8 self-care-for-the-sandwich-generation---article---international---nov8

Self-Care for the ‘Sandwich Generation’

November 08, 2023 Family & Loved Ones | Articles | Caregiving | Support for Adult Caregiving
One person called it “a crushing weight”. Others call it exhausting, overwhelming and complicated. Here are 12 self-care ideas for caregiving in the “sandwich generation”.

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