Aging-in-Place Guide: How to Stay in Your Home Later in Life

The number of Canadians who first grew up with rock ‘n’ roll and astronauts is off the charts. The late 1940s through early 1960s were marked by a boom in the Canadian economy, suburban living and, especially, babies. These men and women who lived through the Cold War and cold cuts on Wonder Bread® are now aging individuals who almost all agree on one thing: living in their own home later in life.  


But how do aging seniors remain comfortable and safe at home? What proactive steps can help safeguard everyday activities for older adults inside and outside the home? Let’s look at some steps you or your loved one can take to make sure aging is done in the most comfortable place – home.   


Make Changes to Your Home 

The safety solutions can be as simple as improving lighting, decreasing clutter from walkways, and reducing trip hazards. These can be done by adding brighter lightbulbs and more light fixtures, assigning clutter to a forever home, and adding carpet tape can smooth out curled carpet edges. 


For more extensive fixesyou can perform some remodelling options. The Washington Post recommends some great options that include: 

  • Installing bathroom grab bars 

  • Widening doorways 

  • Changing light switched that avoids “pinching or grasping” 

  • Switching doorknobs to lever hardware in case of arthritis or injury 

Typically, older adults accept only two or three modifications to their home at a time, so make sure to sit down with yourself or your family to prioritize the important changes. 


Home-Monitoring Technology 

Aside from home modifications, there are different home-monitoring technologies that are becoming more user-friendly and affordable to protect seniors at home and provide families with some assurance.  


These secure-at-home options include updating the home with smart auto-set devices to simplify daily tasks such as opening or securing windows and doors, turning off appliances, and lowering countertops and shelves.  


On a smaller scale, setting alarms on your watch or looking into different phone reminder applications can be helpful in managing things such as medication at home. Also, to feel more comfortable in your home, there are different medical alert systems that can give you or your family peace of mind.  


In-Home Care 

As we age, these alterations can be life-changing. That being said, there will come a time where support will be needed. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere – you can receive in-home care.  


You can personalize your in-home care for you or your loved one, based on current needs. From starting off with some physical assistance at home to personal care and hygiene, Right at Home Niagara Region can provide in-home support. This helps ensure that as you’re aging, you can stay at home and age where you feel safe.  


Age in Place 

Applying these changes or seeking further in-home care can help support your goal of aging in place. Enjoy a safer experience in your home as the years go on and the same smells and warmth that nowhere but home can bring. 

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