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A caregiver walking through a nature scene with her client. A caregiver walking through a nature scene with her client.


Concern about your loved one’s daily safety and comfort may be overwhelming at times. The subject can be difficult to broach, and you may not feel comfortable initiating a conversation about it. If you feel this way, you are not alone.

Communication barriers are a real challenge for family caregivers. Conflicts within the family and communication gaps with health care providers can lead to frustration and stress in the caregiving cycle. RightConversations provides a solid foundation for families. The suggestions in the RightConversations guide will help your loved one remain in their home safely for as long as possible while reducing the stress that accompanies family caregiving.

Follow the Adult Caregiving Guide's simple steps to ensure that your aging parent, spouse or friend is getting the right care that he or she needs.

Gather accurate, relevant information
Determine the level of concern warranted
Review the facts and avoid personal biases
Involve siblings
Plan the conversation
Create a positive conversation
Be aware of differences in communication styles
Understand why your loved one may withhold information
Do not make your loved one feel ambushed
What to do if your loved one says no

Incorporating these tips and our other RightConversations tools will help your family develop a communication plan that ensures a positive experience for your aging loved one while limiting your stress.

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of elderly adults are in contact with their adult children daily.

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Checklists, Tips and Other Tools

RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Communication Planner RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Communication Planner
RightConversations Communication Planner
This planner assists you with organizing your thoughts prior to and after the conversation with your loved one.
RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Family Action Planner RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Family Action Planner
RightConversations Family Action Planner
This tool documents each family member's actions to support their loved one and includes an area for contact information of those who may assist in the care of the senior.
RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Information Journal RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Information Journal
RightConversations Information Journal
This journal helps you gather important information as you prepare to plan for a loved one’s care.

Checklists, Tips and Other Tools

RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Communication Planner
RightConversations® Communication Planner
RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Family Action Planner
RightConversations® Family Action Planner
RightConversations<sup>&reg;</sup> Information Journal
RightConversations® Information Journal

Caring for your loved one means having ongoing conversations.

RightConversations Guide for Families and Seniors

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