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Five Things We Think Are "Just a Part of Growing Older"—But May Not Be

Some life changes—like needing reading glasses—go with the territory of reaching a certain age. But some aches, pains and "senior moments" can actually stem from treatable conditions. Seniors shouldn't suffer in silence when these troublesome symptoms strike.

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6 Reasons to Tell the Doctor About Memory Problems

Memory commons are a common sign of aging. But if your loved one experiences these situations, it might be time to mention it to your doctor.

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When Aging Parents Remarry

Has your older parent decided to remarry? If you’re their child and struggling with this life change, here are some cues that may help guide you through this new chapter.

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The Upside of Empty Nesting

When the kids are finally launched into the world, parents face a mix of emotions. There’s the sadness over missing the family being together, and there’s the relief of enjoying the calm and opportunity to experience life again as just a couple or an individual.

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