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Fathers day gift
Published By Right At Home Vaughan on June 14, 2018

Age is no object when it comes to the love and admiration we have for our dads. But as they age, it can become harder to find ways to express that love on Father’s Day. The traditional Father’s Day gifts — things like gadgets, tools sporting goods, and clothes — aren’t always appropriate for mature men, especially if their abilities have changed over time.

We’ve put together a list of inclusive, accessible Father’s Day gift ideas that will help dads enjoy the things they love, even at an older age.

For the Foodie

Looking to carry on the tradition of a Father’s Day dinner? If your father uses a wheelchair, the website Access Earth may help you find an accessible restaurant in your area. You could also contact a local advocacy group, like the Rotary Club of Woodbridge for information on accessible venues.

You don’t have to dine out to make the day memorable. For fathers who have dietary restrictions, a better alternative is to cook a special meal at home.

If your dad still loves to cook, he might also appreciate a new recipe book. This book, developed by Canadian nutritionists, is tailored to the needs and preferences of older adults.

For the Outdoorsman

Dad might not have use for a new hatchet or ghillie suit, but he can still appreciate the great outdoors. If the weather’s on your side, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to head out to the park together for some fishing, barbequing, or just enjoying the last days of spring. If leaving home isn’t an option, you could always sit out on the deck to reminisce about his previous adventures — and plan future ones.

For Dads Who Love to Read

Everyone loves to get lost in a great story. If your dad can’t enjoy the written word as he once did, consider gifting him an audiobook instead. There’s a wider selection of audiobooks than ever, and they’re available in just about every format you can think of, from physical media like CDs and tapes to digital files on computers, smartphones or tablets — so there’s bound to be one that he or his caregivers can use.

For the Gardener

You don’t need to get outside to enjoy the garden. Avid gardeners can exercise their green thumbs indoors with small container gardens and houseplants. A new plant could bring a much-appreciated touch of green to your dad’s home.

Alternatively, you could also pay a visit to a local botanical garden. June happens to be one of the best times of year to go.

For the Handyman

Did your dad spend hours toiling away in his workshop? He can put those crafting skills to work through projects like jigsaw puzzles and small craft kits. Puzzles are a great collaborative activity, and there’s a wide range of them available for people of all different abilities.

For the Golfer

If a round of golf is too much, consider a Father’s Day outing to the mini-golf range instead. In addition to being a fun, low-impact activity, it creates an opportunity to talk and share memories as you move through the course. Other low-impact games, like bocce and lawn bowling, could also indulge your dad’s competitive streak.

For Fathers Living with Later-Stage Dementia

When your dad has dementia, the occasion of Father’s Day often turns bittersweet. However, many families feel it’s important to recognize this special day even in the face of such challenges.

A good gift for someone living in the middle to late stages of dementia is something that provides physical comfort, sensory stimulation, or a reminder of fond memories, such as:

More gift ideas for people living with dementia are available on the Alzheimer’s Society website.
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