The Benefits of Choosing Right at Home Caregivers

If you are looking into home care services for yourself or a loved one in need, you probably are comparing the differences between private care giving services or hiring a home care agency. We hope this article will summarize the main differences between private and agency home care services.

1. Relationship

When you hire a private caregiver, you may be responsible for the Canada Revenue Agency and ongoing remittances. Private employers are also held accountable for providing a safe workplace free of discrimination, harassment, etc. However, if you are contracting home care services from an agency, they will take care of all the paperwork and administrative tasks related to your home care services so that you can focus on establishing a deeper connection and bond with your caregiver.

2. Workplace Insurance Coverage

To emphasize the previous point, you are an employer when choosing private home care services and are responsible for workplace safety and having the necessary insurance for a home care provider in a residential space.

By choosing an agency, you can rest assured that all of our caregivers have gone through extensive training and hiring process to provide only the most professional and client-oriented caregiving services. Agencies are fully insured and are held liable for any potential damage or losses during your professional relationship with the agency.

3. Professional Caregivers and Support

The caregiver is the fundamental aspect of ensuring a more comfortable life at home for both parties. However, we are all human, and even the most diligent caregivers need some time off. Agencies are more equipped to be able to provide temporary caregiving support in these, and other emergencies.

If either you or your caregiver feels that the professional relationship between the two parties is straining, looking for another private home care provider may leave you without the care services you require in the meantime.

Home care agencies are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

4. Continuous Care Giving Services

Right at Home Canada manages a team of professional caregivers, personal support workers, and a qualified team of nurses on call to meet you or a loved one's needs in almost any situation.

The various care services provided by Right at Home Canada range from housekeeping, companionship, assistance with day to day tasks, to specialized home and health care services.


There is a much more significant risk and responsibility involved when hiring privately and assuming the role of employer. A home care agency handles the screening and legalities, thereby providing peace of mind for the care recipient and their family.

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