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Published By Right at Home Vaughan on April 04, 2019

Family caregivers are integral to providing care in the home, but as many have found, looking after someone 24-7 can be demandingCaregiver fatigue is a very real concern and can lead to full-blown burn-out with an inability to continue the quality care you want to give your loved one.  


A caregiver need not take on full-time caregiving alone. Seeking support and taking time for yourself with the help of short term live in care is not a luxury, nor is it selfish. short term live in care can be a preventative measure for caregivers and offer necessary time-off to recharge. 


Short Term Live In Care Can Offer a Welcome Break 

Short term live in care care can support the caregiver with temporary short-term care to provide some relief from caregiving someone who is sick, aging or suffering from a disability. This gives the caregiver a chance to plan personal activities, run errands or have a much-needed break.  


Where Does it Take Place? 

Short term live in care care can be provided through facility-based care or adult day programs such as a residential center or special day-care centersSomeone who is elderly or ill can feel isolated if they are unable to leave their home and may welcome a program in a group setting.   


However, families generally prefer in-home short term live in care. In-home short term live in care means less disruption and stability for the client who remains in his/her environment. Any special personal equipment needed remains in place in the home.   


How Long Does It Last? 

Your break can be as short or as long as you need it to be. You can set it up to last a few hours, an entire day, an overnight, or even a few weeks at a time. 


Short term live in care care can take on different forms.  A caregiver might enlist the help of family and friends, to offer a short break to run errands, go to a medical appointment, or visit the gym. Or perhaps a caregiver swap may make sense if you have a friend in a similar situation. Alternatively, short term live in care from trained caregivers from a homecare provider may be set up on a regular basis, to allow for a weekly activity or commitment.  


What Type of Care is Involved? 

Handing over the care of a loved family member can seem like a daunting task. long-term family caregiver may feel as though no one else can step in and do the job as well as they do.  


Taking the time to find the right person is essential for your piece of mind and your loved one’s safety. You can then rest assured that while you’re away trained caregivers will ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable.  


Short term live in care caregivers also act as companions to those that are sick or elderly. They will assist with medications, toileting, bathing, exercise, eating and any other personal support your loved one requires. A trained caregiver can provide the customized care to those with special needs, such as those with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, strokes and palliative care. short term live in caregivers will also extend a hand with any homemaking needs including meal preparation, cleaning and tidying up and laundry. 


Preparing for Your Time Away 

With a little planning, you and your loved one will get the most out of short term live in care : 

  • Use checklists to inform others of your loved one’s schedule, medications, preferences and behaviours. Include a course of action for difficult situations. 

  • Have a back-up plan so that you can still get your time away if an emergency should arise. 

  • Get feedback from your short term live in caregiver, and your loved one after short term live in care sessions. 

  • Plan and schedule frequent breaks. You don’t want to take on the responsibility of looking after someone else while you neglect your own needs. 

  • Remember that despite its challenges, caregiving is extremely rewarding and you and your loved one will benefit from receiving short term live in care support. 


Where to Find Short Term Live In Care 

If you’re ready to make the next step in finding short term live in care for your loved one, Right at Home Vaughan offers in-home short term live in care that’s customized to your loved one and family. Contact us for more details and let your loved one enjoy rest and relaxation with short term live in care in their own home. 

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