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Parkinson's Care Support with Right at Home

April is Parkinson’s Awareness month. Right at Home Canada is bringing attention to a life-changing condition that affects many Canadians. For family members caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease, often this can bring a mix of disbelief, confusion and fear. No one knows for sure what causes the neurodegenerative brain disorder and its effect on muscle movement and control. However, many researchers now believe that it is a result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins. While there is not yet a cure, groups like Parkinson Canada are helping to advance breakthroughs in medications and treatments. Until there is a cure, we are here to help you every step of the way.

More than 100,000 Canadians are living with Parkinson’s, and 30 more are diagnosed every day. Symptoms generally develop slowly over the years. Various supports are available at different stages of the disease, providing as much or as little care as needed. It is important to choose qualified care providers who have received proper training from reputable organizations about proper care for someone affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson Canada developed CareFinder, a directory of qualified and vetted providers that can assist you in creating your Care Team. Supports range from finding qualified healthcare professionals such as movement disorder specialists, speech-language pathologists, and physiotherapists to health and wellness programs such as in-home care or even dance classes! Right at Home Canada is part of this directory. Our Caregivers have undergone training from Parkinson Canada, and our Care Teams know how to work with muscle stiffness and tremors to help prevent frustration and falls. We can help individuals with Parkinson’s disease stand strong with these beneficial caregiving services:

Daily Mobility

Some people with Parkinson’s disease need extra help with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating and using the bathroom. Right at Home’s skilled caregivers are sensitive to the slowed pace the neuromuscular disorder presents and respect privacy and the need for a normal routine.


For people with Parkinson’s, exercise is vital to maintaining balance, mobility and strength. Right at Home’s in-home Caregivers can assist with stretching, walking and other light exercise programs.

Family Caregiver Relief

Caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease can be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting. We provide respite care for family caregivers and peace of mind for everyone involved in the care network.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

A healthy diet is essential for those with Parkinson’s disease to help strengthen muscles and bones.

Personal Supervision and Home Safety

Parkinson’s disease often causes an unsteady gait, resulting in trips and falls. Our downloadable Home Safety Checklist can get you started on safeguarding your home now.


Driving can be difficult or restricted for people with Parkinson’s disease. Right at Home provides rides to appointments, therapy and other destinations. Our transportation assistance also relieves family members from taking time off work.

For more information, please visit the following resources:

Parkinson Canada
Right at Home Canada

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Why Right at Home?

  • Over 20 years of experience. Right at Home has been providing award winning customized senior care and home care for over 20 years.
  • YOUR Caregivers are all part of YOUR Care Team. This means that there is no revolving door of Personal Support Workers and Nurses. With the help of your Care Planner, you choose and get to know them. This leads to an level of care for your loved one that is unsurpassed in our industry.
  • Working with government support. Your Care Planner will work to help you find the government supports you are eligible for (if you would like them) and then work to find a solution for the care needs that go above what government and family can do. We will also work around the government care plan so that we are enhancing it.

We help in home, wherever home is to you.

Our Caregivers are always out in the community visiting homes, Retirement Residences, Long Term Care (LTC), hospices and hospitals.

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