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Published By Tracey on November 03, 2015

The majority of older adults want to stay in their home as they age, but sometimes health conditions and the condition of the home itself are barriers.  The floors may be too slick.  The elder is limited physically or cognitively in managing the day-to-day responsibilities.  Vulnerable elders living at home are at greater risk for injury or other adverse circumstances based on a number of internal and external factors including:

  • Overall health
  • Social relationships
  • Mental functioning
  • Financial stability
  • Mobility

 A thorough risk assessment can help reduce the potential for injuries and make everyday tasks easier for ageing individuals.  A risk assessment for the elderly typically evaluates the following:

             Health Condition

__ Ability to complete functional tasks

__ Appropriate self-care (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.)

__ Vision or hearing difficulties
__ Fall risk and fall history

__ Mood and depressive symptoms

__ Nutrition/weight change

__ Medication use

Home Surroundings

__ Flooring free of cracks, splits and up-turned edges

__ Carpets secure with no loose or torn patches

__ Stairs and inclines in good condition

__ Bright lighting with handy, easy-control switches

__ Properly grounded electrical outlets within easy reach

__ Easy-to-use faucets, cabinet doorknobs and oven controls

__ Grab bars where needed for support

__ Simple control of sink/shower/tub faucets’ water temperature

__ Nonslip surfaces in the bathtub or shower

__ Door openings wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair

For more comprehensive information about how to safeguard an elder’s home and prevent falls and other accidents, download the free Fall Prevention Guide www.rightathomecanada.com/hamilton.  The Right at Home Custom Care process provides a health and home risk evaluation before matching a home caregiver to an elderly client and the elder care company offers a free Home Safety Checklist.



What concerns do you have about the health and safety of your elderly loved one living at home?

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