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A caregiver walking through a nature scene with her client. A caregiver walking through a nature scene with her client.

Supporting Loved Ones With Dementia or Cognitive Change

If your loved one has received a dementia diagnosis, there are professional resources that can help your entire family. Unlike traditional support programs, Right at Home’s approach to dementia care and cognitive support is built on the belief that every person living with dementia or cognitive change can interact with their surroundings and connect in new ways with their loved ones. Ours is a three-prong approach that includes:

  • Ability: We create a care environment that empowers your loved one and their current abilities.
  • Personhood: We incorporate their life history, routines and preferences into the Personal Plan.
  • Lifestyle: We collaborate with you and your loved one to set goals and create support activities in nutrition, socialization, wellness and awareness to minimize overall cognitive change.

While each form of dementia or cognitive change is unique, some techniques can enhance a person’s quality of life. These techniques can also help you find new ways to connect with your loved one, despite any cognitive change.

Focus on ability, not disability
Pay attention to nutrition
Help with well-being
Support their perception and safety
Assist with recognition and orientation
Keep communication flowing
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million people currently live with a form of dementia.

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