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Right at Home can help with daily household activites and rituals, outings (family/social) and appointments, shopping, and ensuring your loved one is safe in their home.

We can help with light meal preparation

Our unique companionship services help your loved one maintain the best quality of life they can through caring interaction with their PSW Caregiver, nutrition and meal support, transportation and help around the home.

Your Care Planner will work with you and your family to create a Care Plan that is unique to their needs and wants enabling them to continue living safely in their home, wherever home is to them. Their custom Care Plan will be used to match the right PSW or Nurse Caregivers with them. Truly a boutique level of service.

Supervision and Staying Safe

With companionship, guidance and supervision from one of our highly trained Caregivers, your loved one will be safe at home.

  • Extra support and help for anyone who may be at risk of falling
  • Senior care support for those with dementia and alzheimer's who may be at risk of wandering.
  • Neighbourly check-in social visits to ensure your loved one is safe and not alone at home all day.

Nutrition and Wellness

Healthy meal preparation and medication management are integral to quality of life. We have some Caregivers that are amazing cooks and would be happy to help.

  • Fresh meals made at home
  • Menu planning
  • If your loved one enjoys cooking, our Caregivers can be there to support their passion and make sure it's being done in a safe way.
  • Medication management and administration

House Cleaning and Support

Our PSW Caregiver are there to help with light domestic support along with all the other supports we offer while with your loved one.

  • Light housekeeping such as laundry, cleaning the kitchen etc.
  • Organization of closets and rooms
  • Supporting a loved one while they do a chore or houshold activity that they love doing.

Social Outings and Activities

Our Caregivers are here to make you loved one's days fullfilling an enjoyable.

  • Errands and shopping (with or without your loved one)
  • Adventures and outings - zoo, park, walks and even restaurants
  • Social engagment - Our Caregivers are all passionate abbot engaging with the clients.
  • Help with hobbies, playing games, reading


Right at Home has PSW Caregiver drivers can be there to help whenever needed.

  • Escort to medical, dental, foot care or other appointments
  • Transportation for leisure, medical appointments
  • Our drivers are also able to drive your loved one’s car if they prefer that.


Your Right at Home Care Planner is always out in your local community helping people like you and getting to know the local community resources. Whether you are looking for an Osteopath, foot care, or a chiropractor, we can help with that search and share information on some of our trusted community resources.

Family Support

Our Companionship services mean that our Caregivers can be there for extra support when you need it most.

  • Respite ("Breaks") for family caregivers - This could be a few hours so you can take some time for yourself, or maybe some extra support while you are enjoying a much needed vacation.
  • Travel companion to help with your loved ones care while on a family vacation. The extra support means your loved one can be there with the family.


Our companionship home care support can happen anywhere that home is to your loved one. We can help out in a retirement residence, during a hospital stay, or in Long Term Care (LTC). Wherever home is to them, we can be there to offer any extra support that is needed.

Dementia Support

Our Companionship services are often to help seniors who have Dementia. Read about our amazing Caregivers here and about our Dementia program here.


Do you have question like: Am I eligible for government support? What private home care options are there? How will I pay for my loved one's care? How will I know how much care is needed?. If so, then our Resource Section is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the many decisions around home care, nursing care and much more.

A full spectrum of Support

Our companionship services are just the beginnings of our home care and nursing care offerings. We offer nursing care support, physical assistance and help with personal care and hygiene. We also offer PSW and nurse support for special care situations like cancer care and recovery, senior home care, arthritis and osteoarthritis care, diabetes support, and much more.

Why Right at Home?

  • Right at home has been providing award winning customized senior care and home care for over 20 years. Read more about who we are here.
  • YOUR Caregivers are all part of YOUR Care Team. This means that there is no revolving door of Personal Support Workers and Nurses. With the help of your Care Planner, you choose and get to know them. This leads to an level of care for your loved one that is unsurpassed in our industry.
  • Professional Caregivers: Right at Home's' dedication to the highest level of service is the basis for everything we do including how we hire and train our Caregivers. You can read more about our Nurses and PSWs here.
  • Working with government support: Your Care Planner will work to help you find the government supports you are eligible for (if you would like them) and then work to find a solution for the care needs that go above what government and family can do. We will also work around the government care plan so that we are enhancing it.

We help in home, wherever home is to you.

Our Caregivers are always out in the community visiting homes, Retirement Residences, Long Term Care (LTC), hospices and hospitals. Your local care office team will help out wherever you need us. If you are looking for help in other areas of Ontario or Canada please reach out and we will put you in touch with one of our other Care Offices.

Do you have any more questions about our support? If you would like to discuss how we can help you and your loved one in your unique situation, call us at: 1-844-635-3223 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you.
Our Care Planners are ready to help
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