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The Upside of Empty Nesting

When the kids are finally launched into the world, parents face a mix of emotions. There’s the sadness over missing the family being together, and there’s the relief of enjoying the calm and opportunity to experience life again as just a couple or an individual.

12 Days of Christmas

The holidays bring peace and joy among family and friends, but they also bring that unwanted stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Easing the Burden of Spousal Caregivers

You care well for your ill, disabled or aging spouse, but is your own health slipping? Spousal caregivers are at risk for stress-related conditions including anxiety, depression, headaches, backaches and sleep deprivation. Eventually, care for an ailing loved one can lead to burnout in which you are depleted physically, mentally and emotionally.

Help Prevent the Elderly From Falling on Outdoor Surfaces

Falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors, and between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year.  Falls and associated outcomes not only harm the injured individuals but also affect family, friends, care providers and the health care system.  Self-reported injuries due to falls are increasing, specifically by 43% between 2003 and 2009/2010.  The majority of falls resulted in broken or fractured bones, and over one third of fall-related hospitalizations among seniors were associated with a hip fracture.

Veterans Independence Program (VIP)

If you are a Veteran or surviving spouse of a Veteran requiring in-home care or the assistance in your daily life, you may be eligible to receive benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada through the Veterans Independence Program (V.I.P.).

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

No matter where we live, natural disasters, and even the man-made ones like the Lac-Mégantic derailment, typically strike quickly and without warning.  No one is immune from the effects of disasters, particularly the elderly.

Downsizing the Home: Tips for Seniors and Family Caregivers

After meticulously protecting and displaying valued possessions for years, the very thought of parting with any beloved treasures is often a tortuous proposal for seniors. Whether older adults face downsizing from their homes because of retirement, finances, health, death of a spouse or coaxing from family, letting go of longtime belongings can be a daunting roadblock. Seniors may resist while their families persist.

Home Modifications Keep Seniors Safe and Improve Quality of Life

The floors are too slick, and the stairs are too many. Most homes in Canada are not designed to accommodate the needs of people age 65 and older. The home that many of today’s seniors bought at a young age was not built with an older person’s needs in mind. The bedrooms are upstairs and the door openings are too small for a wheelchair. Outside, the sidewalks are buckled and the manual garage door is nearly impossible to lift.

Listen Up! Music’s Health Benefits Are Plentiful

Whether they prefer Celtic, classical, folk or rock, music can help senior loved ones recover from illness or injury, improve their mood and recall past events.  The benefits to the elderly are as numerous as the types of music!

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