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Is Your Loved One Still Capable of Driving Safely?

Some people can maintain a driver’s license into their 90s. For most of us, though, we will reach a point in our twilight years when driving is no longer safe.


Nurturing One-on-One Creative Expression

Today we present a guest post from Allison North explaining the affects of creative pursuits on a meaningful life with dementia.

Healthy Food Shopping for Elders

Serving size. Calories. Trans fat. Understanding food nutrition labels can be challenging, and many consumers just figure why bother? But for older adults, simply ignoring nutritional information can significantly compromise their health. Instead, elders are encouraged to remember that every bite counts toward a balanced diet and adopting good nutrition often starts at the grocery store. The following can help family caregivers ensure elderly loved ones shop for nutrient-rich foods.

Medications and Foods to Avoid if You Have Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is the number one killer in Canada.  It is also the most costly disease in Canada, putting the greatest burden on our national health care system.

Cold Weather Safety for Seniors

When winter’s beauty turns more beast with arctic winds, mounds of snow and bone-chilling temperatures, the season’s harsh side can prove especially dangerous for senior adults. Even older snowbirds escaping to warmer climates still can encounter dips in the thermometer, dampening rains and icy navigation.

Caring for Parkinson's Disease Patients

Parkinson’s disease gradually attacks nerve cells in the brain’s mid-portion, decreasing the production of dopamine, a biochemical that helps carry electrical signals to control body motion and emotional responses. Initial symptoms often present with muscle weakness, stiffness, or a slight shaking in a hand or foot. As Parkinson’s advances, a person may experience muscle rigidity, tremors, postural imbalance, gait changes and decreased facial expression.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer tops all cancers for women across the globe with more than 1.7 million new breast cancer cases detected worldwide in 2012 alone. Women who live in developed countries such as the United States, England and Australia experience a higher rate of breast cancer incidences. In October 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiated its inaugural health campaign to support research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and a cure for the disease. Today, widespread international communities join in setting aside every October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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