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Can Sleep Prevent Alzheimer’s?

The toxic waste materials that get accumulated in the brain due to neural activity affect brain function and accelerate the aging process. By eliminating this toxic waste from the brain, we might be able to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer's. Some recent studies have shown that the brain employs a cleaning process to eliminate waste during sleep.

Alzheimer's and Women

Alzheimer's and other memory problems affect 47.5 million people around the world. The actual figures may be even higher. Dementia has affected most of us at some level. Nearly all of us have a relative or a friend suffering from a memory disorder.

Prevent Dementia Patients From Wandering

Mental health groups across the world report that as many as 60 percent of people with dementia, a condition with decreased memory or mental ability, will wander and may get lost. Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, head injuries and other health issues that involve dementia can all lead patients to stroll away from familiar surroundings.

Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia

 The impaired balance, tremors and rigidity of Parkinson’s disease are not just limited to the elderly.  Worldwide, the degenerative brain disease occurs with an average onset of age 60, but roughly 10 percent of Parkinson’s patients are diagnosed before age 40.  An estimated one in every 20 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the United Kingdom is younger than 40.  Some clinics in Japan have reported cases of early onset Parkinson’s accounting for as many as 40 percent of all their Parkinson’s patients.

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