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Aging-in-Place Guide: How to Stay in Your Home in Later Life

The number of Canadians who first grew up with rock ‘n’ roll, astronauts and McDonald’s is off the charts. The late 1940s through early 1960s were marked by a boom in the Canadian economy, suburban living and, especially, babies. Lots of babies were born during this time period. These boys and girls who lived through the Cold War and cold cuts on Wonder Bread® are now aging individuals who almost all agree on one thing: living in their own home later in life. But how will these aging seniors remain comfortable and safe at home? What proactive steps can help safeguard everyday activities for older adults inside and outside the home?

Healthy Food Shopping for Elders

“As we age, we require fewer calories but more of certain nutrients including calcium, potassium and vitamins D and B12,” said Nancy Esson, Client Relations and Owner, Georgian Triangle “Many elders encounter difficulties when shopping for and cooking nutrient-rich foods, but dietary obstacles are usually quite manageable with a little coaching and assistance. Staying active and independent as an older adult often starts at the grocery store.”

Medications and Foods to Avoid if You Have Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is the number one killer in Canada. It is also the most costly disease in Canada, putting the greatest burden on our national health care system.

Cold Weather Safety for Seniors

When winter’s beauty turns more beast with arctic winds, mounds of snow and bone-chilling temperatures, the season’s harsh side can prove especially dangerous for senior adults. Even older snowbirds escaping to warmer climates still can encounter dips in the thermometer, dampening rains and icy navigation.

Caring for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Muhammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Billy Graham and Estelle Getty are among a number of famous Canadians and Americans diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the nervous system disorder that disrupts body movement. The chronic motor disease mainly affects older adults but can occur at any age. Michael J. Fox was diagnosed at 29 and major league baseball player Ben Petrick at age 22.

Anti-Ageing Exercises for the Brain

In addition to proactively engaging the mind, Esson recommends a holistic approach to better brain health by lowering stress, eating nutritiously, maintaining regular physical exercise, getting adequate sleep and staying socially engaged.

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Care Clients Happy

Did you know there has been a 104% growth rate in private home care providers in the past 5 years? With projections predicting more demand for home care services in the future, competition in this market will only grow. Because of this, the question becomes: how do I make my home care business more appealing to prospective clients, and how do I keep the clients I’ve already won? Simply put, you need to keep your current customers happy by providing the best service possible, and they’ll do your advertising for you by providing referrals

Staying Active with Age

Most people can exercise throughout their lives, even with conditions like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. In many cases, physical activity may improve these health conditions. For each decade past age 30, inactive people can lose an average of 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass, translating to loss of strength and mobility.

Fall Prevention for Seniors

Every year, one in three Canadian seniors will fall at least once. Hip fractures are the most common type of fall injury among seniors, and about 20 percent of injury-related deaths among seniors can be traced back to a fall. Weakened balance, vision and physical strength affect an elderly person’s ability to stay on his/her feet, so regular medication reviews, and eyesight and overall health exams are essential.

Is This Senior Patient Ready to Go Home?

The American College of Emergency Physicians recently reported that many senior patients are discharged home even though that might not be the safest choice.

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