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discuss home care with your parents
Published By Right at Home Barrie on April 24, 2018

One trait many of us take for granted is our independence. Once we reach adulthood, we are free to make our own decisions, go where we wish, and choose our own line of work. While issues such as finances can hinder some of those desires, the majority of individuals in this part of the world are able to chart their own course.

But as we age, certain physical and mental changes make it more difficult to enjoy that freedom, especially for those who develop a debilitating physical condition or a cognitive impairment like dementia.

It can be tough to face this reality, and equally challenging to discuss the topic with a parent. Our parents do so much for us over the course of our lives, and we feel obligated to do the same for them when the time comes. Unfortunately, responsibilities such as our own parenthood and issues like distance can make it very difficult.

The answer is to employ a professional care agency offering in-home assistance that will allow your parents to remain where they are. But a challenges often arises in how to discuss home care with your parents.

How to Discuss Home Care With Your Parents: Answering 5 Common Questions About Home Care

If you are not sure how to approach this subject with them, consider the following. These are the concerns expressed by many seniors when the question of in-home care arises. It helps to come prepared with answers to these common questions about home care.

How Will We Benefit from This?

If your parents have trouble with some of the basics of life, such as cleaning and personal care, having a caregiving professional assisting with these tasks can make a big difference. Doing so not only allows your parents to continue living in their home, but also means you, your siblings, and the grandchildren no longer have to worry about their safety.

Right at Home Barrie offers transportation services to help clients to stay on top of lifes responsibilities. Our workers can also accompany clients to appointments and other engagements.

What About Our Privacy?

Your parents might not the like the idea of a stranger coming into their home each day. However, Right at Home strives to have caregiver continuity so the same person provides the assistance as much as possible. Our caregivers are also very aware of privacy concerns and must maintain client confidentiality as part of their employment. We screen all our employees prior to hiring them.

Learn more about the remarkable people who lead the Right at Home care team at our office here in Barrie.

What if We Are Not Compatible?

We work carefully to find a professional caregiver who is the right fit for our clients. Your parents input plays a large role in that decision. However, if they should have any concerns about the worker or simply would like someone else, we will happily assign a different person.

What About the Cost?

There is a fee for our service, but the cost of relocating your parents to managed care facility is much higher. They will also no longer be able to stay in their own home. That is a much greater adjustment than having a person come in to assistant them each day.

Contact us to learn more about the cost of home care services in Barrie.

Will We Lose Our Independence?

Your parents may see home care is a threat to their independence, especially if they have taken pride in being able to look after themselves for so many years. However, the alternate viewpoint is that in-home care allows them to maintain their independence.

With home care, they will continue to have much more control over their lives than if they transfer into a managed care home. When coupled with assistance from technology, such as a medical alert service, they could conceivably continue to have a good deal of independence for years to come.

For this reason, it is important that we receive as much accurate information about your parents condition as possible during our initial assessment. Sometimes the elderly will pretend to be more capable than they are out of fear. Emphasize that no one wants to rob them of their self-determination or independence; the goal is merely to provide assistance and safety.

Still not sure how to discuss home care with your parents? Right at Home has a series of videos and downloadable brochures to help you and your loved ones have effective conversations about home care.  

We are also happy to answer any other inquiries you might have. Feel free to contact the Right at Home Barrie office by email or call us at (705)-252-8200.

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