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Welcome! We are here to help you find a solution to all of your care needs.

When you call Right at Home in Winnipeg the first thing we will do is connect you with your Care Planner.

Whether you know exactly what you need or want, or have no idea where to turn, your Right at Home Care Planner is your personal advocate, there to help you explore all of your options and craft a one-of-a-kind budget-conscious care solution as unique as your family and as flexible as you need.

Along with matching you and your family to incredible PSW Caregivers and Nurses, your Careplanner can help you navigate the healthcare system and access other Winnipeg, MB and government resources. They can even take the lead and ensure a seamless coordination of all services. Nothing is too big or too small to ask. And do not worry, your Care Planning services are free of charge!

Exceptional Care Offerings

At Right At Home Winnipeg, MB, we are proud to offer a full range of exceptional support and home care services for those with physical, medical, or memory impairment. From cleaning, companionship, therapy and accident rehabilitation to senior care, elder care and nursing care, we offer expert services for adults over the age of 16.

Industry Leading Caregivers

Right At Home Caregivers are insured and bonded, with yearly background checks both locally and federally. Through in-depth on-boarding and continual education, Right At Home ensures our Caregivers are always moving forward in their careers.

Our Caregivers are Right at Home and their dedication to their craft is what sets Right at Home apart. Truly a boutique level of service.

Read more about our Caregivers

Self & Family Managed Care (S/FMC)

In Manitoba families can opt for Self and Family Managed Care Program. The program offers government funds in exchange for home care services, which can be then be used to hire private care company such as Right At Home, for eligible families.  By opting for Self and Family Managed Care, you get control over who comes into your home, ensure consistency and the quality of care. Learn More.

Read more about the Self and Family Managed Care Program

What can we do for your loved one?

No two people are the same, and neither are their care needs. Your Care Planner will work closely with you and your family to come up with an individualized care plan that gives your loved one the precise attention they need. Our Custom Care Plan can be designed to help individuals overcome health and mobility challenges, function better with conditions like dementia, heart disease, paraplegia, or severe arthritis, and more.

Learn more about Right At Home's individualized in-home assistance services and boutique approach.

If you have any more questions or would like to discuss how we can help in your unique situation, call us at: (204) 900-8621 or fill out the contact us form and I will call you back at a time that works best for you. I look forward to helping!
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