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home-safety-for-seniors-with-parkinsons-or-other-conditions home-safety-for-seniors-with-parkinsons-or-other-conditions

Home Safety for Seniors With Parkinson’s or Other Conditions

April 25, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or certain other conditions can change what was once a sanctuary into something challenging or even risky. Here are 10 tips to help keep your loved one safe at home. 
2024apr15gardeningnatureactivitesforseniorswinnipeg 2024apr15gardeningnatureactivitesforseniorswinnipeg

Gardening & Nature Activities For Seniors

April 15, 2024 Articles | Health & Safety
Get gardening with these five activities explicitly adapted for seniors who want the health benefits of getting outdoors!
parkinsons-awareness-month parkinsons-awareness-month

Parkinson's Care Support with Right at Home

April 08, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
It is important to choose qualified care providers who have received proper training from reputable organizations about proper care for someone affected by Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson Canada developed CareFinder, a directory of qualified and vetted providers that can assist you in creating your Care Team.
osteoarthritisriskfactorsandcareforolderadultsmar122024 osteoarthritisriskfactorsandcareforolderadultsmar122024

Osteoarthritis: Risk Factors and Care for Older Adults

March 12, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Here are 8 tips that can help older adults manage arthritis effectively, allowing a more active and pain-free lifestyle.
homecareandpreventativehealthfeb52024 homecareandpreventativehealthfeb52024

Home Care and Preventative Health

February 05, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
February is a month-long initiative to celebrate Preventative Health Awareness. How does Home Care play its part in keeping you or your loved one healthy?
finding-the-right-balance---exercise-perscription-for-seniors---jan-2024 finding-the-right-balance---exercise-perscription-for-seniors---jan-2024

Finding the Right Balance: Exercise Prescription for Seniors

January 23, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Exercise is crucial for improving health and well-being, especially among older adults. However, designing an effective exercise program for the elderly requires careful consideration of various factors.
the-unseen-challenges-of-caregiving---article---international---jan-10 the-unseen-challenges-of-caregiving---article---international---jan-10

The Unseen Challenges of Caregiving

January 11, 2024 Family & Loved Ones | Articles
Being a caregiver is a role that millions undertake out of love, dedication and necessity. But what is it really like? Understanding some of the less-discussed challenges caregivers face may inspire more people to appreciate their work.
how-adaptive-devices-can-help-you-age-in-place---nov20 how-adaptive-devices-can-help-you-age-in-place---nov20

How Adaptive Devices Can Help You Age in Place

November 20, 2023 Family & Loved Ones | Articles | Caregiving | Support for Adult Caregiving
Navigating daily life with mobility challenges can transform simple tasks into major hurdles. From high-tech innovations like robot assistants to simple, yet effective solutions like grip socks and kettle tippers, a wide range of tools are available to make life easier and safer.
self-care-for-the-sandwich-generation---article---international---nov8 self-care-for-the-sandwich-generation---article---international---nov8

Self-Care for the ‘Sandwich Generation’

November 08, 2023 Family & Loved Ones | Articles | Caregiving | Support for Adult Caregiving
One person called it “a crushing weight”. Others call it exhausting, overwhelming and complicated. Here are 12 self-care ideas for caregiving in the “sandwich generation”.
2023-oct-24---how-to-keep-your-heart-healthy---winnipeg 2023-oct-24---how-to-keep-your-heart-healthy---winnipeg

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

October 23, 2023 Articles | Health & Safety
How can you keep your heart as healthy as possible for as long as you can? These tips will get you thinking about your diet, lifestyle, and more.

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